Our chemical families

SYNTHENOVA carries out, in addition to external research work, internal research work on original or rare small molecules of biological or pharmacological interest…

Our experience covers a wide range of chemical families including amines, mono- and pyro-phosphates, as well as various molecules.

For each of these compounds, we also carried out a series of analyses in order to characterize them at best.

If you are interested in any of these compounds, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Amines and more particularly alkaloids, amines of natural origin, have varied biological properties.

The basic character of the nitrogen atoms of the amines makes it possible to salify them with mineral or organic acids and thus to modulate their properties of solubility in water.

Phosphates and pyrophosphates

Mono esters of phosphates and pyrophosphates are well known in biochemistry for their role in energy transfer mechanisms (ATP, AMP …) and for their importance in metabolic and signaling pathways.

SYNTHENOVA has already synthesized many derivatives linked to this chemical family.

These compounds may be of interest to biologists in the context of enzymatic studies by releasing, by hydrolysis, the corresponding alcohols under the action of phosphatases or pyrophosphatases, or by being obtained by the action of kinases from alcohols.


Various molecules

SYNTHENOVA masters the synthesis of various molecules like those presented opposite: corresponding to metabolites or synthetic impurities of known active ingredients (case of atropine for SN00009 or amitraz for SN00025).

SYNTHENOVA also masters, for example, the preparation of compound SN00109 allowing the junction via a hydrazino-acetic group between a peptide and lipid part (or others…)

In addition, SYNTHENOVA has know-how for the preparation of 3-amino-6-alkyl-pyridazine such as the derivative SN00186.